Constructive Communication
(2 days*)

"Out beyond ideas of 'rightdoing' and 'wrongdoing', there is a field
I'll meet you there."

This two-day* workshop introduces a simple yet profound process: how to prevent or peacefully resolve differences by connecting with another person's feelings and needs. You may also connect more deeply and authentically with your own feelings and needs.

When you use it, you will find more ways to address both persons' interests, and communicate in a way that increases goodwill and cooperation.

This approach, used world-wide to resolve disputes, is also known as "Nonviolent Communication", or "NVC", and is based on the work of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. It is effective even if only one of the parties is familiar with the process, because it establishes a climate where defensiveness, anger and escalation is less likely to happen.

Constructive Communications helps

  • Teams communicate in a way that increases goodwill and cooperation among themselves and with customers
  • Co-workers resolve differences and accommodate different viewpoints
  • Managers give direction and feedback that is heard and accepted
  • Individuals break patterns of thinking that contribute to stress career issues

*also available as a series of four half-day sessions or as a one-day introduction

Workshop Content:

  • The purpose of Constructive Communication
  • "Power Over" vs. "Power With": the intention behind the model
  • How life stances affect the language we use
  • The four steps of the model, with examples
  • Creating clarity and enabling understanding
  • Dealing with emotions when differences arise
  • Responding to criticism and blame
  • Transforming annoyance and frustration to statements of interest, need, or wishes
  • Business applications: using Constructive Communications with customers and co-workers
  • Finding your own approach: how to apply what have you learned and make it your own
  • Small group, partner and individual practice